We provide advanced GPS/GSM Vehicle tracking, web-based Fleet management, Fleet maintenance ,and Route management Solutions to clients keen on AUTHENTIC SOLUTIONS WITH ASSURED AFTER-SALE SERVICES.

Our solutions enable clients to log in and monitor thier assets 24/7, and with authority to access and download desired reports online.


Features & Key Advantages

-Tiny, very robust, and reliable for car tracking / fleet-management terminal(Smalles tracking device in the market!)

-Inbuilt GPS and GSM Antena(No extensive cabling as in other basic tracking devices)

-Installed with immobilizer feature enabling vehicle owners to remotely cut-off ignition(stop the car) for security reasons.

-Internal backup battery to ensure that you can still track your asset for a considerable amount of time and be notified of main battery disconnection.

-comprehensive reporting capabilities through rich, customized ,user-friendly, and  web-based application.

*We install, we service, we maintain!

-With post-paid data simcard, no worry of loosing touch of your car as a result of sim-card bundles running out!

-Within Eastern & Central Africa, our system will keep you intouch with your vehicle!

-Insurance certificate issued with every installation.

-Package: Complete Fleet-managment/Tracking Solution with Imobilizer Feature.




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