- Remote-based override feature-Alarm easily overriden using a remote(no override button installed inside car making it more secure)

-Remote controls car doors(central-locking). If an alarm is disabled like when a vehicle has to be taken for service or to a Car Wash, its remote can still be used to lock and open doors ensuring that a vehicle's door security is not affected. In other basic/standard alarms, when an alarm is disabled, its remote ceases to control door locks.

-Equiped with shock-sensor-Physical shocks on a vehicle activate an alarm sound

-Shorter Arming lapse-Vehicle is armed immediately an Arm button is pressed (other standard alarms take longer to be fully armed)

-Panic Button-Warming sound can be activated using an alarm's  remote.

-Timed Warning Sound: When an external shock is detected, an alarm first gives a warning sound and stops for a short while. If shock continues to be experienced, full and continous alarm sound then sets in. This ensures that an alarm sound is only activated at the right time.

-Silet sound/Siren option-Alarm sound can be set to silent mode(muted). With silent mode feature, you longer have to let your alarm "anounce" your arrival or departure against your wish !  In other alarms, arming and disarming sounds are permanent.

Sensitive remote capability-Alarm remote has a higher sensitivity of upto 100m.

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