Leading Locks deals in Israel's High Security Yardeni Locks. Founded in 1947, Yardeni is one of the leading brands in Israel lock industry. Yardeni locks conform to both Israel standards as well as International standards with relevant certifications. The security level of Yardeni Locks is defined by their unique inner pins arrangements,rust and drill resistance, quality hardened outer shells and shackles, and unique and high security reversible keys. The locks are available with 5-6 inner cylinders pins as well as in advanced XL version with cylinders having 8 pins arranged in zigzag pattern to deter opening with any other key or be picking. New generation patented  SUPER XL keying technology comes with floating key element to deter unauthorized/conventional key duplication making Yardeni a super high security locking solution.  It is for these unique security features that Yardeni XL padlocks and cylinders have been adopted by several Kenya companies including a leading telecommuncation company  currently using thousands to secure their high risk remote transmission sites countrywide. Leading Lock has all the necessary skills to fully service all Yardeni Israel high Security padlocks.


Features of Yardeni Israel Locking Solutions:

1. Conform to both Israeli(SI950)  and European Standards(EN 1303)-Highest Levels in Locking systems

2. Suitable for making Master and sophisticated Grand Master systems.

3. Locks Protected against drilling

4. Locks and keys Resistant to abrassion and corrosion

5. Guaranteed with after-sale support services





1. Yardeni High Security Locks-Features & Specifications


2. NEW  YARDENI Patented SUPER XL PLUS Advanced Key Technology


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