Leading Locks supplies diverse range of guaranteed high security  euro cylinders locks in Kenya.  Key brands include: Union, Yale, Yardeni, Abus, and Mul-t-lock. The choice of which cylinder/keying system to choose from is determined by desired level of security or prevailing security risks. The most critical element in a door lock is its keying system or the type of key it uses. This is determined by the type of cylinder controlling the lock. When you have a strong mortise lock for your home or office but is worried that one would easily get your key copy for unauthorized access or manupulate your lock, it is time to upgrade to a more secure cylinder with secure keys. If your door is secured by standard 1 or 2 lever mortise lock common in several flash-doors as basic installations, and you feel less secure, changing your lock to cylinder-driven mortise lock with a high security cylinder is an ultimate solution.

Our cylinders are caterorized into:


1. Basic Security Cylinders-Reliable but keys can be used only on one side(not reversible) and easy to duplicate. Not serviceable

2. Standard Security Cylinders-Reliable- Keys are more secure than for basic cylinders. Keys are reversible. Not fully serviceable

3 High Security or Advanced Cylinders.Highest level of key security. Keys have advanced patented security features to deter duplication by conventional means. Fully serviceable and allow for complex Grand Master and Master configurations.




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