SL-2030- PLAIN STEEL DOORS (WALNUT 3 COVER)-Double Door with burglar-Proof steel Centre-beam.

SL 2030-BASIC is a series of entrance doors to apartment buildings that combine a high level of security, aesthetic finishes and innovative design. You may choose from a number of decorative P.V.C. coverings that give the doors a modern, young and unique look.

Technical Specifications ( (Model 2030)

  • Cylinder shield with self-destructing mechanism -a SUPERLOCK exclusive.
  • Thermal insulation, with polystyrene filling.
  • Improved rim- lock - luxury model.
  • Stylized hardware of European design in shades of nickel and antique.
  • 8 movable
  • Multi-bolted lock model 125, 14 mm. bolts.
  • bolts plus 2 fixed bolts on the hinge side(total of 10 bolts).

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