SL Defense/SL311A (Fire-Proof Doors-90 minutes Rating

Our fire resistant door for installation in stairways, passageways, shelters, electricity rooms, generator rooms, flammable material warehouses and storage areas and any other locations in need of fire resistant protection.

 Technical Specifications:

1. Galvanized anti corrosion steel panels strengthened by welded horizontal and vertical stiffeners.

2. SL fire lock.

3. Two fixed bolts on hinge side.

4. Three hinges.

5. Fixed Lower steel insert

6. Compressed fire resistant Rockwool filling.

7. Intumescent strip on door rabbet.

8. Rubber sealing surrounding door.

9. Fire resistant glass lite.

10. Galvanized steel construction frame.

Origin: Superlock, Israel

Standards/Certification: Israel & European Standards


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