Bullet-Proof/Ballistic Cum Burglar-proof  Steel Doors in Kenya

-These heavy-duty  Israeli-made ballistic doors(150Kg standard weight) designed with internal high security features to deter bullet penetration as well as forced entry making them much superior compared to other basic bullet-proof doors.

-Outer tested galvanized steel with different outer finish options(PVC or electrostatic painting)

-Inner high strength bullet-proof steel plate

-Acoustic insulation features

-Tamper-proof mortise-lock driven by high security mul-t-lock interactive cylinder.

-Multilocking to deter forced entry-total of 9 locking points. Solid locking bolts,Not hooking  locks prone to future jamming.

-Avaliable in different bullet-resistance levels(FB1/RB1, FB2/RB2, FB3/RB3, FB4/RB4, etc) based on required specifications.

Availability: Being a special high security door, special order is necessary for production onf required size, resistance level, opening configuration, and outer finish.

Important note: Our bullet-proof doors share key security features with standard burglar-proof  steel doors. Externally, the two door types look the same. However, bullet-proof doors have a special inner high strength bullet-proof steel plate inside making them twice as heavy as standard burglar-proof doors.

Standards: Israel and European standards(Certificates available)

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