Key Questions when Searching for High Security Door: Do you want to avoid disappointments caused by many common substandard steel doors that often fail and can hardly be serviced? Are you aware that a Lock is the heart of any door and a real High Security Steel Door should have a tamper-proof Lock and High Security cylinder with superior Keys? Do you know that real High Security Doors/burglar-proof/Bullet-proof  Steel Doors should conform to specific acceptable world standards/certifications? Are you looking for  High Security  Doors whose parts are serviceable, and is designed to last a life-time? Are you interested in a High Security Door whose origin, features, standards, certifications, and world distribution is known, and can be verified? Do you value Security, Quality, Style, and looking for a reliable and trusted dealer who has the capacity to answer all your queries, and offer you Real Security Doors, with after sale services?


Your Ultimate Solution!  Visit Leading Locks Ltd Show-room at Adams Arcade, Ngong road. We are the Official Distributor of authentic Israeli-manufactured Superlock High Security Doors in Kenya. With our wide variety of High Security doors, our trained and experienced door installers, Masons, and Locksmiths skilled in high-end security locks and cylinders, your door security requirements will surely be fulfilled with no costly short-cuts!


About Superlock & Superlock Doors:  Superlock Israel develops and manufactures High Security  steel doors/Burglar-proof security Doors, Fire Doors/Fire-resistant Doors, Bullet-Proof Doors, and Interior doors. Superlock’s modern plant covers an area of 12,000meters and is the largest plant in the field of security doors manufacture in Israel, and one of the largest in the world. Superlock has distributors in over 30 countries and is the largest exporter in its field in Israel. With its innovative technology, wide range of breathtaking designs, and strictest security standards in the world, Superlock is a choice for many customers world-over. Superlock has achieved ISO 9002 standard and its security doors have relevant certificates of quality that conform to desired security standards.









1.  Production Process of Our Superlock High Security Steel Doors



2. Testing High Security Entrance Doors Before Delivery.



Why Choose Superlock High Security Steel Doors? Diverse door sizes, Diverse Designs to fit ones taste & Style, Diverse security Levels, Unique Door Security Features (Superlock Exclusive), High Security & Serviceable Locking System, and Conforming to Israel and European standards




1. ALL High Security Steel Doors-Features & Specficications.


2. PLAIN High Security Steel Doors-Features & Specifications   


3. DESIGNER/ARTISTIC  High Security Steel Doors-Features & Specifications.


 4. FIRE-PROOF/FIRE-RATED High Security Steel Doors-Features & Specifications


5. DIFFERENCE  Between Fire-Proof Doors & Fire-exit/Emergency Exit Doors


6. BULLET-PROOF/BALLISTIC High Security Steel Doors-Features & Specifications


7. SL-INDOORS-Features & Specifications.

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SL2030 High Security  Multilocking Steel Door with Toughened glass-window
SL-2030- PLAIN STEEL DOOR+Glass window (WALNUT 3 COVER) SL 2030-BASIC is a series of entrance d...
SL2030-Double door-Walnut 3 Finish
SL-2030- PLAIN STEEL DOORS (WALNUT 3 COVER)-Double Door with burglar-Proof steel Centre-beam. S...
SL2030-Multi-locking High security Steel Door-Venga Finish
SL2030-Standard Security/Burglar-Proof Door-Venga PVC Cover -A high Security entrance door  tha...
SL2030-Single High Security  MultiLock Dooor-Walnut 3 Finish
SL-2030- PLAIN STEEL DOORS (WALNUT 3 COVER) SL 2030-BASIC is a series of entrance doors to apartm...
SL2030-One+Half  Multi-locking High Security Steel Door
SL-2030- PLAIN STEEL DOORS (WALNUT 3 COVER)-One+Half Door with burglar-Proof steel Centre-beam. ...