CCTV Surveillance Solutions in Kenya

Leading Locks offer customized, guaranteed, stable, and long-term CCTV Surveillance Systems for:

1. Individual Homes and apartments

2. Offices and Institutions

3. Industries, etc.

Brands: Telexper, Hikvision,, Dahua, among others.


1. Offices, Homes & Apartments(Gates, Drive-ways, Parking Areas, Receptions, Show-rooms, etc)



2. Financial Institutions-(Customer Care, Tellers/Cash Offices, Banking Halls, ATMs etc)




4. Hotel/Resturant - (Parking Lot, Lobbies , Corridors, Elevators, etc).



5. Manufacturing Industries- (Processing Plants-, Stores, Loading Docks, etc)



4. Learning  Institutions-(Gates, Libraries, Corridors, Play-grounds, etc)



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